Modern checkouts solution implemented by UAB Raso



Today‘s World is changing fast in many ways and we see how technlogy is transforming various industries. Norfa grocieries store chain is closely observing the trends and changes in the retail industry and actively participating in the transition to automation. Norfa has partnered with UAB Raso to implement the latest development – self-service checkouts to improve the shopping experience in Norfa stores which is key to sustained success.

Self-service checkouts are considered to be an attribute of a modern grocery store nowadays. Automated checkouts bring many advantages  – reduction in queues, smooth shopping experience, more efficient staff allocation within the store – just to name a few.

The modern checkouts solution implemented by UAB Raso also come with Raso Retail’s sales management system, as well as a secure and state-of-the-art payment solution that allows customers to pay using different payment methods – bank cards, cash or even coupons. The hardware of the system includes custom built systems to ensure smooth shopping process – an accurate barcode scanner, fast receipt printer, functional touch screen, accurate scales and secure cash management system. The system itself is easy to maintain and one person can manage up to 10 checkout systems.

The first self-service checkout was installed in September 2019 in one of the Norfa stores in Vilnius. There are now almost 300 modern checkouts installed accross the Norfa grocery store chain in Lithuania.

Tobacco dispensing machine is another modern solution introduced in Norfa stores. UAB Raso has provided a solution that allows buying tobacco products at the self-service checkout and collecting them from the dispensing machine by scanning a QR code on the receipt.

Automation brings values that are often easily measured and it is expected to see more modern solutions for grocery stores in the near future