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We believe that business success firstly depends on ambitious people. That‘s why we’re building a team of individuals with the knowledge, skills and passion to make our company prosperous.

Uniting highly educated professionals with solid experience in investing, legal and financial services we seek to generate lasting value and build collaborative relationships.

Our team

Evaldas Remeikis


Evaldas is a board member of Lithuanian Business Angel Network and some companies across Lithuania and Latvia. He has extensive experience in managing various companies in IT and finance, investing in start-ups, moreover is proud to have founded many successful businesses. Evaldas not only focuses on his own companies – he contributes to value creation with his best-accumulated practice gained by taking significant roles in the Fintech Association, in various commissions related to fintech and finance formed by the Lithuanian Authorities, and attending chairman courses. What is more, he is engaged in many other partnerships to increase public financial literacy.

Aiva Remeikienė

Business advisor

Aiva, who currently is a member of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network, has sound experience in the management of successful financial service companies. After seven years of managing the largest and still consistently growing peer-to-peer lending platform in Lithuania, Aiva has joined the development of her family’s holding company ERA Capital. Later she founded ERA Success club for executives, which she is proud to lead efficiently today. In addition, Aiva has taken a significant role in developing various businesses, and has been a great mentor to many young specialists who are today competitive professionals in their field. The main focus of Aiva now is on value-generating leadership and growing talent across the Group.

Rūta Augė

Chief Legal and People Officer

Rūta is an accomplished Legal Counsel with extensive experience gained in international company and other sectors of corporate and financial services. She has already made a significant input to ERA Capital Group, contributing to various projects, also playing an indispensable role in the IPO, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Rūta has a strong track record in managing and providing legal advice, drafting, reviewing and negotiating various contracts, as well as assisting companies in complying with applicable legislation. Rūta goes beyond the law and is also currently focused on corporate and HR management, seeking to create a team of motivated, satisfied and goal-oriented people. Rūta is currently enjoying motherhood.

Our team consists not only of people working in ERA Capital, as we consider ourselves to be the part of companies we invest in. We are more than happy that over 300 persons are working in the companies we have invested in.