Success story of MV GROUP Logistics and RASO, UAB



MV GROUP Logistics Company, together with its partners RASO UAB and Quantum Qguar Sp.z o.o., completed installation of the new warehouse management system Qguar WMS in its logistics centre and has put it into operation. The above-mentioned system enables automation of operations carried out in the warehouse, increases their efficiency, improves the quality of warehouse operations when completing clients’ orders, and provides new process monitoring, analysis and management capacities. The logistics company invested around EUR 400 000 into the advanced technological solution.

‘We have been using the new warehouse management system for a while by now and we can see evident benefits of the solution. First of all, efficiency indicators strongly increased, making work much faster and efficient: the trends show that we will be able to ensure 20 per cent more efficient preparation of orders in the nearest future. Besides, though we are still trying to master the new technology, it already enabled us to minimise the number of human errors, at the result of which we set a reasonable goal for ourselves to reach as high as 99.93 per cent quality indicator of order fulfilment.  It gives us in particular strong competitive advantage’, stated Mr. Vyšniauskas.

He noted that the staff of the logistics centre were quick at adapting themselves to the novelties and are actively using the more convenient technological solutions, e.g. accept goods through a mobile terminal with a scanner, while with a terminal fitted on their wrist and a scanner on a finger, they can use both hands to select the items. While loader drivers without leaving their cabins use long-range scanners and task terminals, at the screens of which they can see what tasks exactly they have to complete. Warehouse managers receive full real-time information about the status of works in progress and efficiency indicators of the workers.

Head of the logistics company Mr. Vyšniauskas note that data about the statuses of warehouse operations, stock accepted to the warehouse, shelf-life of goods can be viewed by clients as well. Such broad functionality helps them to make appropriate decisions and optimise their supply chain.

In implementation of the technological transformation, MV GROUP Logistics was assisted by partners RASO UAB and Quantum Qguar with their unique software solutions and the hardware meeting the needs. Head of Sales Division of RASO Ričardas Tamašiūnas names this project as the milestone of changes on the whole Baltic market, where stagnation because of highly monopolised situation in installation of warehouse management systems was observed for quite a while.

‘Long-standing partnership with MV GROUP Logistics gives an opportunity to be a part of the progressive decisions and to prove that we have become the leader on the so-called AutoID (barcode scanning, printing equipment, industrial computers, tablets, etc.) market over a decade deservedly, representing the leading brands, such as Casio, Honeywell, PointMObile and many others’,  said Mr. Tamašiūnas.

The contribution of Quantum Qguar – partners of RASO UAB – into the project was equally important, as its specialists offered in particular high quality software solutions that can optimise and ensure smooth operation of a complex system. ‘Having focused on our client’s present and future needs, we set the target to invite a company capable of offering a wide range of modern solutions to the market. Therefore, I am extremely happy about successful and reliable operation of Quantum Qguar solutions in our country, proving their value’, said Head of Sales Division of RASO R. Tamašiūnas.

Quantum Qguar gives an opportunity to pick the most suitable equipment in functional and ergonomic respect for completion of every task of a warehouse. The state-of-the-art hardware and software installed by MV GROUP Logistics contributes to even more efficient performance of the logistics centre’, says Mr. Tamašiūnas with confidence.


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