„Evernord“ has placed EUR 2 million of Legal Balance bonds


Legal Balance

In November, „Legal Balance“ announced to the business world news that is important for our market, and for „Legal Balance“ – Financial brokerage firm „Evernord“ has placed EUR 2 million of Legal Balance bonds.

This financial injection also marks the start of a new phase for the company – the accelerated digitization of services and the introduction of artificial intelligence solutions. Internally, as a company, „Legal Balance“ will be able to achieve its goals faster, which is good news for existing clients – services will become more accessible and attractive.

This move will allow „Legal Balance“ to strengthen its position in the countries where it is already present and to enter new markets.


„Verslo žinios“ also writes about the issue: https://www.vz.lt/rinkos/2022/11/18/evernord-isplatino-legal-balance-obligaciju-uz-2-mln-eur