What’s common in between Solar power plants and eSignature?


Mark ID

Interview with Deiminta Noreikiene, Chief Commercial Officer of Saules graza

How did you decide to start using an e-signing?

Before cooperation with Mark Sign, we already had some practice by signing contracts and other documents using electronic signatures. First, we believe that signing documents electronically is a part of a modern business that respects customers’ time. On top of that, this is a more sustainable way to sign documents than printing them and signing by hand.

When you were choosing e-signature provider, how did you choose Mark Sign?

Since we use qualified electronic signatures to sign contracts with clients as well as internal company documents, Mark Sign offered us a relevant plan with an unlimited number of signatures at a very reasonable price. By the way, Mark Sign is a Lithuanian startup, so we wanted to cooperate with solution creators from our country.

What other sustainable solutions have you implemented?

Our daily activities are inspired by sustainable solutions. By implementing solar power plants and heat pump projects, we create a real change. One of them is the reduction of CO2 in the environment. On average, a 10-kW solar power plant reduces up to 5 tons of CO2 in the environment yearly. We have also set up a solar park where a herd of 100 sheep and lambs are grazing all day long. This is how dual land use practice is applied.

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