will release a new product – food ordering platform, which will allow restaurants to receive and manage food orders innovatively, effortlessly and effectively



Restaurants will be able to update available meal list (eliminating meals, which are out-of-order) in the r_keeper POS and the data will be transfer to “” APP automatically, therefore, customer will only see relevant and up-to-date menu. All orders will be processed by r_keeper software, meaning that restaurants will not need to purchase and keep any additional equipment on the counter and employees will not need to monitor different screens simultaneously. Food orders will be visible to the kitchen without any intervention of a cashier or waiter and could be started immediately. Automatization will significantly speed up order management process and bring more satisfaction to customers.

Three ways of ordering food in “” APP will be possible: at the restaurant, for take away, for delivery. When a guest comes to the restaurant, not only will he be able to choose meals and order them via “” APP, but also update his order, while he is at the table. After the meal, if not paying in cash, there is no need to wait for a waiter and receipt – bill can be payed in “”  APP (bank transfer or card).


Food ordering platform has many features, which will help customers to submit their order easily and restaurants to process orders with full control and little effort.
New food delivery platform will help to save valuable employees’ time (manage it more effectively), serve more customers and therefore, decrease personnel costs. Having this food ordering platform might also bring restaurant additional income from take away and food delivery orders. Restaurant’s image and customer satisfaction may also be increased, while bringing customers more user-friendliness and innovation in food ordering process.


“” has a vision to become a mobile super-app, which will unite all food and catering-related services in one place: searching for a restaurant, booking a table, purchasing gift coupons, ordering food, etc. “” keeps offering new and valuable services for foodies with various needs.